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About Us

JINGO - Joint Innovative Networking with Global Opportunities
JINGO fosters increased networking among youth networks and forges relationships between these networks with corporate and government Ministries in Trinidad and Tobago. Most notably through our valiant efforts JINGO to maps the work conducted by these organisations by impact and location.

 According to the Commonwealth’s Global Youth Development Index and Report  2016, youth in Trinidad and Tobago are among the lowest ranked countries for Employment and Opportunity placing 179 out of 183 countries.
In order to improve this ranking JINGO does he following:
  • Professionalize the social and youth development sectors of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Serve as a resource pool for local, regional and international capacity building opportunities
  • Notify youth led and youth serving organizations of funding opportunities for projects
  • Support social enterprises of registered members
  • Create a platform for young people and youth serving organisations to showcase their achievements
  • Create a supportive network of organisations that grow together
  • Rise the rates of civil society activity and contribute to the evolution of our local events industry.
Professionalize the social and youth development sectors of Trinidad and Tobago.
Funding Opportunities
Funding Opportunities
Notify youth led and youth serving organizations of funding opportunities for projects.
Supportive Network Of Organisations
Supportive Network Of Organisations
Create a supportive network of organisations that grow together.

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Signing up as an organisation allows you to be a part of our directory where you can be easily searched for by name and the area of work that you are involved in. The advantage is that you have the opportunity to sell your organisation as you have access to create your content.


Search Our Organisation Listing
Search Our Organisation Listing
Search Organisations Projects
Search Organisations Projects

JINGO TT Youth Desk

Registered organisations and Individuals can now access local, regional and international opportunities all in one place. In recent times, we have seen a decline in the number of support from companies and ministries alike. In addition, awareness of these opportunities is confined to a certain mediums that are out of reach for the organisations that are in dire need of it. By sharing all opportunities here, an equal platform is made available to all organisations.

These include but are not limited to:

  1. Grants
  2. Volunteer
  3. Links to online classes such as skillshare (discounts codes)
  4. Jobs/Internships
  5. Partnerships
  6. Capacity Building programmes
  7. Networking events
Capacity Building Programmes
Capacity Building Programmes
Networking events
Networking events

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Why Should you Register?


The benefits of registering as an Individual are:

  • Access to resource tool for avenues to contribute to sustainable development.
  • Professional development opportunities.
  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • Notification of job opportunities.
  • Notification of local, regional and international spaces for growth and development.
  • Access to an efficient document resource library.


Local civil society and faith based organizations can benefit in the following ways:

  • Notification of grant funding opportunities.
  • Advertising of their events.
  • The ability to call for volunteers.
  • Increased networking opportunities.
  • Ability to be discovered by people and organisation that may not know their name as searches are based on the work they do.
  • A platform to showcase themselves to the public.
  • Access to a library of resource documents.
Register As an Organisation
Register As an Organisation
Register As a Member of an Organisation
Register As a Member of an Organisation
Register As an individual
Register As an individual

Our Available Resources

Our Resources


The event calendar would prove invaluable as there currently exists no listing with a tell all of civil society activity. Interested newcomers into the civil service industry are usually only made aware of these activities when they are met with an organization's unavailability due to something that they are engaged in annually or even infrequently. With access to a calendar interested investors can see where there is an open space, as well as interested volunteers to any cause would be made aware of upcoming events such as an orientation etc.


The events calendar gives a projected view of all of the events that the registered organisations will be hosting in Trinidad and Tobago. This provides the following:

  • Opportunities for partnership among organisation with similar philanthropic visions as organisation may have similar project ideas, allowing for increased networking opportunities. In addition, it will lower the incidence of duplication of projects.
  • Include international and national observed days
  • General awareness of the activities of organizations so that new comers in the industry can be made aware of availability while planning.

Resource Library

JINGO’s document resource library contains articles ranging from historical treaties and trade agreements to the upload of important documents and toolkits relevant to youth, some previously only accessible in hard copy. 

Resource Library
Resource Library